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Bobby’s Heartbreak

Facebook has oh so much to answer for…..mostly all those people who you never thought you’d see again!

Facebook was how Bobby found me 27 years after I walked out of his room with my best mate Jane in a huge huff.

I had been getting to know Bobby. We went to different high schools but he made the journey over to my neighborhood with his best friend to visit Jane. His best friend had the hots for Jane.

We were all 15. Everything was so serious back then.

She introduced us. I’m told it was love at first sight for Bobby.

I didn’t like him. His head was too big.

But we hung out a lot and he turned out to be a really nice guy. Who adored me.

He won me over.

Somehow we lost touch and I don’t remember why. But Facebook reunited us and he came to my birthday party last year. We went on a date to the theater a few weeks later.

On the way there he asked “do you remember the last time you spoke to me?”


“Well it was around Valentine’s Day and I invited you over to my place with Jane. You both sat in my room and I went off to get sodas. When I came back you had a face like thunder, jumped up from your seat and walked out dragging Jane with you. After that, every time I came around you ignored me .”

“I was heartbroken” he said “you never spoke to me again and it took me five years to get over it”


I didn’t remember why I walked out but he proceeded to tell me.

Apparently after finding Jane on Facebook a month before she put him in contact with me, he asked her if she knew why I had ‘dumped him’ at valentine’s?

Jane told him that while in his room I came across a half written valentines card to some girl called Flo. By all accounts it was gushing with admission of undying love. I flung it to the floor, squared up to Jane and insisted that we left.

To make matters worse a week after the event he went to see Jane and implored her to find out what had happened. To which she replied that she had ‘no idea but you know that Minty can be unstable at times’


Who needs enemies….right?

So 27 years later, driving through London Bobby took the long-awaited opportunity to set things straight.

“ I just wanted you to know that my room was such a freaking mess that I lied and always used my big brothers room to impress you girls. My brother married Flo the following year. They have 4 kids and live in Enfield”