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The Kid

I am so hungry

That I am eating my cheeks

Said my weird girl


© Mints and Wisdom 2013


It’s The Music

(written for my 10 year old to perform on stage at Jacksons Lane)

It’s a beat at the back of my neck
Or the memory of mummy swaying in a long flowing dress
The time at uncles wedding where he tossed me up high
It’s feeling groovy and making me sigh

It’s the week when they broke up
And my sister cried and cried
Or when granddad passed on
Became an angel in the sky

Or the time I had a sleepover
We danced and laughed all night
When we danced at camp bestival
Jump around! We jumped so high!

It’s the sound track of the laughter and the tears
The memories, the moments, the smiles and the cheers
It’s music
It’s music
And the music is life


(written for my 10 year old daughter to perform on stage at Jacksons Lane)

In the dead of the night
When I hear the dragons groan
And the shadows in the corner are starting to roam
I scrunch up the duvet
And squeeze my eyes shut tight
Then I remember it’ll be alright
My mums in kitchen
Big sisters on the phone
These are the sounds that say I’m safe at home

In the dead of the night
My hearts beating fast with incredible fright
Cos surely I hear spiders
Marching out to bite
And the monster in the cupboard
Might come out tonight
Huddled under the duvet
Eyes shut tight
Suddenly I remember
Yep I’ll be alright

Cos mum’s singing in the kitchen
And big sis is laughing on the phone
These are the sounds
That remind me
I’m safe at home