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Pseudo Respect

Something I’ve always dislike about my african culture is pseudo respect.

This afternoon I send the following private message via face book

“Hi x! please stop sending me these stories. I don’t read negative things like this which usually are not well reported or even true. Thanks”

Now put this into context. I sent this to a person I have never met. He introduced himself in a private message with one line stating that he was the son of an Aunty (I’ve never met her either). After that one line he’s sent about 6 links to horrible stories posted on a blog. Post with titles like ‘ AGONY OF A MOTHER. WHY DID FESTUS KILLED MY DAUGHTER’, grammar is clearly unimportant. From what I can tell this is his personal blog, a collection of other stories where he writes most of the comments.

As a response to my request he sent this;


And there you have it! I must respect this person because he thinks that he is older than me! He doesn’t actually know that he is older than me but assumes he is because some who doesn’t know me says so.

He’s promptly blocked me in his outrage.

This is the kind of useless notion of respect that irritates me about my Nigerian heritage.

He was not at all interested in getting to know his cousin he just made contact with me to fill my inbox with promotion of his blog and when asked to stop doing so he falls into outrage.

Dude I don’t even know who the hell you are!

Jog on!



Today I feel extremely pissed off. My time line is full of happy smiley happy Independence Day messages.

Yes it is 53 years of independence.

53 years verses 50 fresh student corpses still languishing in some grotty morgue.

I wonder how many of the people shouting out happy independence have actually completed even a minutes silence or a single prayer in memory of those kids

The country is a mess and if my people put as much effort into lobbying as they do into their any excuse for a party attitude maybe things might change.