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If you have a second


I’m scheduled for major surgery which will take place within the next 12 hours.

I’m a little bit scared.

If you can remember me

In your prayers

please do.



When it comes, it comes suddenly and violently. Its not uncommon or rare and people all over the world suffer it but its unlike any other pain I’ve felt. After 6 hours of struggling through an attack I’m exhausted and wake up the next morning feeling as though a truck has hit me. Every bit of me aching, physically depleted.

My brain a morphine fogged mush.

This kind of pain and fear reminds you that life is short, that at 40+ half of your life is already behind you. That the only real losses are the loss of the people you love, of health, of peace. Of feelings never felt, goals never attempted and love never expressed or experienced.

It reminds you to run towards the light, to live joy and reach up. To share love, be tactile. And to have a plan, make things happen.

Before its too late