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Week 3 Day 2


Last night I made my first commitment and registered myself and Inny in the Race for Life taking place in July. I know that I probably won’t run this race but rather walk most of it with her. I don’t mind though as I fully intend to pick another 5k race and enter solo!

So this morning I went to see my doctor. She diagnosed me with a chest infection and prescribed antibiotics.

And I have a high temperature.

Nice 😦

I have the day off and left there and went straight to the gym. I figured I’d just go for a steady walk on the treadmill if I couldn’t hack the C25K programme.

Well I surprised me!


I slowed my pace a little and got through W3D1.

I noticed on the second 3 minute run that I land on my toes. I’ve been running on tiptoes? I consciously thought about my form and put my foot down in a more comfortable fall. It made quite a bit of difference.

I think this run I relaxed into it. My arms moved loosely and I didn’t spend half the time looking at my feat for fear of losing my balance.

I really enjoyed this run.

Be Kind

I dislike myself often

As I think uncharitable thoughts

Sometimes I struggle to be kind

Then disappointment in myself

Hangs around like a bad smell

Wisps like a whiff round my mind


I should be