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Back To C25K For 2015


Hi runners, it’s been a while since I’ve written anything relating to my C25K journey.  Plagued with the dreaded planta faciitis running became really painful, this was followed with a couple of bouts of flu, house guests and a new work commitment which resulted in my not focusing on running for almost four months!

Now I know it’s just a bunch of excuses and I just wasn’t focused but I have to get back to the programme. I cheated myself as I really enjoy running. It gives me my much needed alone time, helps me to process my thoughts clearly and invigorates me.

Last week I returned to the C25K programme and convinced myself that I probably couldn’t run at all after so long. So I decided to push myself with the 5 x 4 minute with 2 minute recovery runs. I was sure this would be a major challenge.

I crept into the gym under a cloak of shame and found my favourite treadmill free, so far so good.

To my utter surprise I ran the first 4 minutes so fast that it was over before it started.  Those minutes flew past so quickly and I only felt a bit of a challenge on the last run.

Two days later I ran the 5 x 6 minute with 2 minute recovery run.  A gain the last 6 minute run was the challenge.

Yesterday I went for the 3 x 8 minute with 2 minute recovery run. Now this was the point at which my time from running began to show. I ran the first two runs but had to walk half of the third run.

So here’s my challenge for the week……………………. Finish that third 8 minute run.

And that is a major challenge for me.

Firstly, because as MrMA pointed out,  my calves are ridiculously tight. He says his athletes don’t have such tightness in their claves and that I need to have some proper treatment. He’s taken to sitting on the sofa and doing sports massage on my lower limbs while watching footie on TV. I would say it was cute, romantic or loving if it hadn’t been so bloody painful! It was my left calf that let me down on the last 8 minute run. Mentally I could have continued but my calf was as taunt as a bow string and I was feeling pain on impact. So for now I’m foam rollering out every morning until I can get some proper treatment. I’m looking for sports massage in north London, all suggestions are welcome!

My insomnia is also a challenge. I’m down to about 3 hours sleep a night and that is just not enough for me to function well during the day. Also on Mr MA’s recommendation I’m trying ZMA. It’s a combination of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B-6 or pyridoxine. It’s mostly used as a recovery aid and studies show that it helps the body achieve deeper Ievels of REM sleep. This morning after my fourth night on ZMA I’ve noticed a difference. Firstly I slept for over 6 hours last night and secondly I remember dreaming. This is a big deal for me as I can’t remember dreaming for weeks.

So, challenges aside,  I’m committing to running three times a week from this point on and getting back to my 30 minute runs before the end of February.

I’m going to make it!


First Time Ever

Our T-shits and words

Our T-shits and words


I finally did it!

I made it through my first 5K

Starting Line

Starting Line

38 minutes and it was all over

Despite the heatwave and the slippy mud patches courtesy of the torrential downpour in the early hours.

Admittedly, I had to walk some of the uphill bits and just 200m from the finish line my lungs were burning so badly I wanted to give up.

It was not to be though as the amazing lady next to me slowed down, paced me and talked my over the finish line with words of loving encouragement.

I owe her!

My Medal!

My Medal!

My daughter and my friend Jen made it round in just over 50 minutes. I think thats great for two people who don’t run at all!


In the end all the runners raised over £326,600 for cancer research!

RFL_Master Logo_Short Tape




24 more Sleeps!


RFL_Master Logo_Short Tape

That’s right!

Not long now until I run my first 5K race, with Inny and my friend Jen bringing up the rear (at a leisurely pace i’m sure).

I’m nervous. if I’m honest mostly about my time as I believe I can complete the race.

Impressively we are currently at 24% of the target amount we hope to face for Cancer relief!


Please visit our Just giving page below and donate if you can…………………. or pray  for our success if you can’t.


A big thank you to all who have donated so far!


Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 12.46.36_0

The Sun Is Shining!

London is looking amazing today!

The sun is shining and everything looks beautiful.

Not wanting to run after yesterday’s difficult, but completed, 30 minutes run I decided to stitch it up and pull out the bikes.

My sister-in-law and I hit the tow paths along the canals.

3 hours of tow paths, marshes, fields and parks.

What a beautiful ride!

Despite the injury; still hitting it!


Despite the injury; still hitting it!


So Planter fasciitis had me limping for almost two weeks.


It’s super painful!

I’ve been doing lots of thinks to try and make it better, regularly rolling a bottle of frozen water underfoot a couple of times a day. I’ve coupled that with stretches and toe pulls.

I stayed out of the gym for the past eight days and truly rested my foot.

On Wednesday I got back into the gym and on to the elliptical cross trainer. My thoughts were that I could still cover 5k but with minimal impact on my feet and joints.

It turned out to be a great move! My stamina held out and I covered the 5k easily. My foot was a little stressed but much less than if I had walked it.


So I’ve decided to continue with the elliptical cross trainer for the next week or two before getting back onto the treadmill and attempting to run. I figure this, combined with the stretching and rolling, will give my foot a good amount of time to fully recover.


I last went for a run or the gym on monday. Its friday now and it seems like an age ago but I’ve spent most of the week limping. This has irritated me beyond belief because i was doing so well with my running and really enjoying it.

But I came to the realisation that if I did not give my foot and knee a real chance at recovery I was going to do some permanent damage.

So I’ve spent my free time on my backside with my foot up. I have a new knee brace and will be investing in a boot to wear at night to deal with the plantar fascitis.



I figure I will rest for a couple more days the return to the gym and start on the elliptical machine (cross-trainer) then maybe after a week I will be able to start at week 7 3 x 12 minute runs and build back up to my 30 minute one.

Very gutted 😦