Monthly Archives: January 2016

Lost & Found; part 1



It was brief


The connection of our bodies

Deeper than the ocean

While our minds skated past each other

Neither asked for more

Nor held on at our parting

And in the decades passing

Occasional fleeting reminders

Of reaching in the darkness

Across sweat slicked skin

Of smooth rippled torso

Or sweet smelling softness

And sipping stinky pernod , laughing


We wondered

Where are you





She’s always swimming against the flow of the thick soup

With a history of purple bruises and invisible arrows

Scratching her head at the cross roads

Sarah only smiles when she sees the cues

When she falls she’s bounces

The scars heal quickly

While the aura slowly bleeds

Every choice accompanied by a thorny rose

Beautiful and brilliant further away form familiar tortures

Into the arms of the sweet unknown

Sarah only smiles when she can

The breaks heal quickly

While the mind screams silently

She’s dancing in the kitchen twirling in the smoke

Leaving the African Potteries crushed beneath

Pulling sufferers out of the soup

Into the freedom of understanding

Sarah only smiles to soothe them

Sarah only smiles

When she can

©Mints and Wisdom 2016

Passing Time

Creepy Bedroom By Pablo Vazquez


I’m making no promises, I’m just passing time

You came here to seek my embrace and run fingers along the roundness

To feel the comfort in the softness of my thighs

Discover more about yourself through my words or eyes

It’s cold out there, in here warmth and smiles

So roll over and embrace me

Gather up in a crush and hold on tightly

But no longevity lives here with me

Seek forever elsewhere

I’m just passing time

© Mints and Wisdom 2016





One of my biggest fears is to never be known. 

Not that I’ll never be famous or popular but to not have a handful of people who really know who I am. Who care to know what makes me feel good, what makes me cry, when I’m being serious or silly. 

That’s my fear when I think of loneliness – not the physical absence of people but the absence of understanding.