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I Responded To Everyone Who Messaged Me On OkCupid and Here’s What Happened

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There is a universal yet unwritten rule among people who date online: if someone doesn’t respond to your initial message, it means they’re not interested. Sounds pretty simple and straightforward, right? Most people get it and are just fine with it. However, some people get a raging ass bee in their bonnet over it. And when I say “people,” I mean men. Mostly men, anyway, because men initiate contact more often than women.

It’s no secret that women receive far more messages online than do men. So many, sometimes, that it’s hard to keep up. I’m not saying this to sound high and mighty or whatever, it’s just the truth. And men get frustrated that the vast majority of their messages go answered. In fact, a lot of dudes get pissy and claim that if they took the time to write a message, women should at least have the courtesy…

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The Hole

To describe the hole that I’m in

It’s round and it’s dark, deep and its thin

And it sucks all the joy despite the pills and the gin

At times I swim and others I float

Sometimes I reach for the edge

Sometimes I don’t

Mostly I pretend I’m walking on green grass

It makes it much easier when others ask