Monthly Archives: February 2015



Okay so everything is in a state of flux where I work at the moment. It the end of an era.

The business is folding.

A major round of redundancies has been announced and the consultation period has started. People don’t yet know if they are going to be asked to leave at the end of March or if they will have to stay on for a bit longer.

The general atmosphere is one of bitterness. People are muted

Fearful for the future and pissed off at the present.

I am fearful.

And I find it terribly sad that the business is so mismanaged that it has come to this

I’ve worked for this Trust for over a decade. I’ve had 5 different jobs since I joined and it has served me well. As a single mother I was able to balance my work/home life. As time passed I was promoted and my pay has more than doubled over the years.

Do I want to go?

Oh Hell yes!

I want out of this crazy negative energy.

I’ve always wanted to start my own business and the money would set me on that road nicely. With the advice of my mentors, the business concept I have and the connections readily available I believe that I can make it.

I feel that this is one of those times to make that leap for employed to self-employed.

Take that risk!