Back To C25K For 2015


Hi runners, it’s been a while since I’ve written anything relating to my C25K journey.  Plagued with the dreaded planta faciitis running became really painful, this was followed with a couple of bouts of flu, house guests and a new work commitment which resulted in my not focusing on running for almost four months!

Now I know it’s just a bunch of excuses and I just wasn’t focused but I have to get back to the programme. I cheated myself as I really enjoy running. It gives me my much needed alone time, helps me to process my thoughts clearly and invigorates me.

Last week I returned to the C25K programme and convinced myself that I probably couldn’t run at all after so long. So I decided to push myself with the 5 x 4 minute with 2 minute recovery runs. I was sure this would be a major challenge.

I crept into the gym under a cloak of shame and found my favourite treadmill free, so far so good.

To my utter surprise I ran the first 4 minutes so fast that it was over before it started.  Those minutes flew past so quickly and I only felt a bit of a challenge on the last run.

Two days later I ran the 5 x 6 minute with 2 minute recovery run.  A gain the last 6 minute run was the challenge.

Yesterday I went for the 3 x 8 minute with 2 minute recovery run. Now this was the point at which my time from running began to show. I ran the first two runs but had to walk half of the third run.

So here’s my challenge for the week……………………. Finish that third 8 minute run.

And that is a major challenge for me.

Firstly, because as MrMA pointed out,  my calves are ridiculously tight. He says his athletes don’t have such tightness in their claves and that I need to have some proper treatment. He’s taken to sitting on the sofa and doing sports massage on my lower limbs while watching footie on TV. I would say it was cute, romantic or loving if it hadn’t been so bloody painful! It was my left calf that let me down on the last 8 minute run. Mentally I could have continued but my calf was as taunt as a bow string and I was feeling pain on impact. So for now I’m foam rollering out every morning until I can get some proper treatment. I’m looking for sports massage in north London, all suggestions are welcome!

My insomnia is also a challenge. I’m down to about 3 hours sleep a night and that is just not enough for me to function well during the day. Also on Mr MA’s recommendation I’m trying ZMA. It’s a combination of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B-6 or pyridoxine. It’s mostly used as a recovery aid and studies show that it helps the body achieve deeper Ievels of REM sleep. This morning after my fourth night on ZMA I’ve noticed a difference. Firstly I slept for over 6 hours last night and secondly I remember dreaming. This is a big deal for me as I can’t remember dreaming for weeks.

So, challenges aside,  I’m committing to running three times a week from this point on and getting back to my 30 minute runs before the end of February.

I’m going to make it!



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