Merry Bloody Christmas

Again I’ve come home virtually empty handed!

I bought a pair of gloves and some mince pies. I have weakness for mince pies and so got side tracked and forgot to post the Christmas cards!

So not only did I fail to buy Christmas presents; I also missed the posting deadline.

No one is getting cards from me before Christmas this year.

When did Christmas get so traumatic!

I’m usually so organised and my Christmas list is impressive. By the end of November I’m usually finished with the buying and have started the wrapping!

Yet here I am 5 days away and I’m not even half way through.

It’s so stressful!

But this year the situation at work has been so distracting and for the past few months I was focused on my trip to Nigeria.

Christmas was so far from my mind.

Can I pull it together in time?


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