10 more on me………………


1. Though I can’t live without my mobile I hate answering the phone! Ever since I received a call telling me my father had died I feel like a ringing phone is bad news.

2. I’m partially deaf in one ear. Yep; I just smile and nod.

3. I dance in my kitchen most days; whether or not anyone else is in the house. This week it’s all about Paloma Faith’s ‘Only Love Can Hurt Like This’

4. I never wear gold jewellery.

5. I once hacked my waist length hair off with a steak knife while on holiday in Turkey. It was too hot so I left with an ear length bob.

6. I like my custard cold. Okay if it has to be warmed………aim for tepid.

7. When I read bedtime stories I make a different voice for every character. Apparently the all-time best voice is that of Hamish the highland cow.

8. I haven’t bought any Christmas presents yet! And its 9 days to Christmas! I’m in a panic! A total freak out!

9. I’m missing MrMA! How is that even possible?

10. Fake nails done by Koreans but no hair weave like Europeans!


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