10 on me……………

  1. I like a cup of hot water with my meals.
  2. I have a strong aversion to unpainted toe nails, especially my own.
  3. I’ve died my hair red for almost 20 years; so long that i have to check old photos to remind myself what colour my hair actually is!
  4. I have a high pain threshold, 28 hours labour, no pain killers, was walking round a shopping mall for 3 of them.
  5. I suffer from insomnia (and sheep are not boring enough)
  6. I read a lot and fast! Game of thrones books 1-2 = 10 days tops.
  7. I gave up smoking on March 3rd 2009. Not touched a single cigarette since then!
  8. I won’t eat anything that I wouldn’t kill (so can’t eat rabbit; KILL A BUNNY? NEVER!)
  9. I wont eat while walking…………….. no matter how hungry I am.
  10. Food is either sweet or sour. The two don’t belong on the same plate. There’s a rule about it somewhere; i know there is!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this......please leave a few lines..

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