Daily Archives: August 12, 2014

The Brush




There is a considerable amount of pressure where I work at the moment but I don’t know if there is anything more annoying than the ‘brush off’.

The classic ‘brush off’ where you discuss with someone what needs to be done; they agree to do it just to get you off their back.

Then they walk away and file whatever they agreed to do at the very bottom of the pile, back of their mind………………….

They do this, usually, because the work is not that important to them or their department.

The fact that it is part of a whole, part of a chain of events, part of a greater process is not their problem.

The fact that, if not completed, it adversely affects other teams, that it is inconvenient or causes major disruption is not their problem.

They are too busy with their own job.

Even though the task they are asked to perform is part of their own job.

I see this in all areas of the business now as everyone works in ever increasing pressure.

It seems each department is on the defensive.

Blame is a loaded and fully cocked gun.

The team is no longer a team.

And there is no light;

Only the tunnel