It’s true

I’m foolishly excited

Stupidly so

Firstly; I only have to work two days this week.

Secondly; Camp Bestival on Thursday!

Lastly because I get to spend time with my lovely friends.

New friends like H & J.

Friends like Chez and Nut (and his mini nuts)

And  my childhood friend, who I only really get to spend a good amount of time with at Camp Bestival as we live in different countries, Mrs A. We’ve been friend since I was around 15 and can go for long period of time without speaking but our friendship never seems to change. I love her just as much as I did when I was a kid. Camp Bestival has bought us together for the last three years after I invited her along in 2012.

I’ve been taking Inny along to the Dorset event since she was 7. The first time the two of us wandered around taking in the sights and sound and we enjoyed it so much that we have made it a part of every summer since roping in other people along the way.

Where else could I have swayed to Blondie, Hot stepped to Jimmy Cliff and jumped around to House of Pain with my little kid? Where else would I have felt comfortable to dress as Pocahontas for the whole day!

By Thursday evening I will be sitting outside my tent with six beautiful friends and five crazy kids flipping burgers.

With a glass of wine in hand.

So yes!

I am foolishly excited!




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