Over Sensitive Moi?



I have worked for over 29 years and I don’t think I have ever come across someone as condescending and who creeps me out as much as one of our new interim directors.

What to do about a man  who is constantly referring to himself in third person as ‘Uncle Jack’ when in meetings or addressing the company as a whole?

Here are some examples;

When in a meeting of senior managers he said “now let’s get it right because when Uncle Jack has to go to face the client he wants to have and easy time of it because Uncle Jack likes an easy time”

“Aha Miss X can take the minutes for Uncle Jack because she’s so good at it” to the youngest woman in the room who happened to be in her mid-thirties and a very capable department manager.  On another occasion he asked “this little lady can tale the minutes can’t you?” ….too me!

I replied ‘errrrm no I can’t be taking minutes and contribute adequately to the meeting perhaps you should book the office PA in future’

It’s been noted that he asks the youngest woman in the room to write the minutes in every meeting

When I explained how annoying this was to my former line manager he said that Uncle Jack was eccentric, the kind of guy who wears tweed at the weekend drives a Landover and would never change. He told me that I should get used to it as he means no harm and it’s no big deal.

Well that told me!

Maybe, despite being a 45 year old department manager and a single mother of two, one of whom is a graduate; I should just be ‘a good girl’ hand back my voter registration card and get on the back of the bus.


2 thoughts on “Over Sensitive Moi?

    1. Minty Post author

      Thanks. Sometimes I think I am over sensitive but I know I’m not in this instance. Most people I work with find it disturbing too.


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