So I listed all my lists……………… except one.

And what should I call it;

The anti-list?


Miss it list?


This is the list that contains all the things I want to avoid in my day to day life. I roll it over in my head sometimes in the hope that it will remind me to be a better person. Some things on it are hard not to do but ultimately when I lay my head on my pillow each night I want to be able to rest easy about who I am as a person and how I’ve interacted with other people.

It currently looks like this;

  • Untruthful friendships; frenemies. I’m not the kind to tell a person what I think they want to hear. Be gentle but be honest.


  • Lateness; being late distresses me as I think it’s a rudeness to agree to a time and then keep someone waiting. Everyone’s time is precious. If I’m meeting one of the kids, a friend, a date or the cleaner I make sure I make it on time.


  • Balloons; big, small, latex, rubber. There about one of the only things on this earth I come close to hating! They are squeaky and smelly and my fear is irrational……. I know!


  • Ill health; so work out and eat well. I haven’t loved myself enough to treat my body better in the past but I’m remedying that.


  • Drawn out sadness; we love and lose, live and die, feast and famine.  Sadness is a part of living, it comes but just make sure it does not out stay too long


  • Boredom; travel, read, exercise or meditate; just do things to stave off boredom its demotivating and depressing.


  • Bitterness; it’s okay to be angry about things or events but bitterness is sapping and ugly. Be angry; express it; let go and move on!


  • Whinging; ooooo pet hate, as my children well know because this especially relates to them! Don’t whinge or whine near me. All children in my care get asked to stop and come back when they can put their point across properly. I ask anyone who’s whining to leave the room I’m in. Simple as that. Feel free to complain, just not in a voice that no one can understand what on earth you on about! Fortunately my children have never taken to moaning……………………….


  • Lies; straight out lying or lying by omission it’s all the same to me….. cowardly. More often than not we lie because we can’t face the consequences of our actions. It takes strength to tell the truth. My failing is over exaggeration and I’m working on that!


  • Name calling; McDad was a champion at throwing out all manner of foul language and name calling. The more grotesque and demeaning the better. Sadly I let him drag me down to his level on many occasions. Now it’s out of my home and head I never want to be party to that again.


I know that this is but a fraction of the things on my anti-list but it’s not a list to want to pin on the fridge and I mostly want to be sure that I’m not the person doing these things……cast as few stones as possible.


Most of the things on this list will stay on it forever. I guess everyone has this list in their head because most of the things are negative experiences. Maybe not balloons.


That said I don’t expect to never encounter some of this stuff; I just want to try hard not to be an instigator of negativity.


I'd love to hear your thoughts on this......please leave a few lines..

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