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Why should we remember the Holocaust?


The Holocaust is an important- but painful-part of our history that changed our society and laid the foundations for our modern world. Although it is a harmful memory and it would be much easier to let ourselves forget, we must keep the atrocities of the Holocaust fresh in our minds. If we were to let ourselves forget, we would give the impression that we accepted these aberrations. We also cannot let it slip from our minds, because of those who gave their lives to prevent genocide; the memories of those who  perished in concentration camps should be cherished and remembered for as long as possible.


Forgetting those events that occurred sixty-nine years ago would take away the opportunity to learn from our mistakes; the truth hurts, but the truth assists us. Learning from our errors ensures that the same terrible mistakes will never be repeated and others will be avoided. The Holocaust shows us that everybody’s votes count and although democracy is a fair and smooth system (most of the time), it can still go wrong and end in catastrophe if we do not acknowledge the fact that we all have a vital role in society and how it develops.


How can we ensure that future generations remember the Holocaust?


An in depth understanding of the effects of the Holocaust is key to remembering it with sincerity; it must not be allowed to become trivial or impersonal.


Beginning with Year five, students should commemorate the Holocaust by gaining a good understanding of it. What is crucial in secondary schools is not more books, but more time spent teaching the subject; however, when concerning primary education books are in great need.  Children of all ages should be aware (in some way) of the events that occurred during the world wars.


Not only should commemorating the Holocaust be about remembering those who lost their lives in the concentration camps, it should also be about encouraging and promoting peace throughout Britain. The younger generation should understand equality and fairness in as many forms as possible- Holocaust Memorial Day is just one of the many ways we can make this happen.


By understanding why the Holocaust happened, future generations will be well equipped to ensure nothing like this is ever repeated- this is how we ensure the next generation’s safety.



Inny A

Aged 11









The Sun Is Shining!

London is looking amazing today!

The sun is shining and everything looks beautiful.

Not wanting to run after yesterday’s difficult, but completed, 30 minutes run I decided to stitch it up and pull out the bikes.

My sister-in-law and I hit the tow paths along the canals.

3 hours of tow paths, marshes, fields and parks.

What a beautiful ride!