I last went for a run or the gym on monday. Its friday now and it seems like an age ago but I’ve spent most of the week limping. This has irritated me beyond belief because i was doing so well with my running and really enjoying it.

But I came to the realisation that if I did not give my foot and knee a real chance at recovery I was going to do some permanent damage.

So I’ve spent my free time on my backside with my foot up. I have a new knee brace and will be investing in a boot to wear at night to deal with the plantar fascitis.



I figure I will rest for a couple more days the return to the gym and start on the elliptical machine (cross-trainer) then maybe after a week I will be able to start at week 7 3 x 12 minute runs and build back up to my 30 minute one.

Very gutted 😦


3 thoughts on “Paused

  1. osarah26

    Plantar sucks! Are you doing foot and calf stretches? Doing the stretches every day, even on rest days, helped me a lot. Hope a few days rest helps!

  2. be2beme

    You might want to check YouTube to look for exercises for PF. It helps quite a bit to stretch properly.The one I used was just a guy in a hotel room but it was very good. That and wearing Allegria shoes, and I was put right.Also, laying off the flats.

    1. Minty Post author

      Thanks. I’ve never heard of Allegria shoes but I have worked out the flats thing the hard way! I wore a pair to work last week and was limping by the end of the day.


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