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Plantar Fasciitis exercise

I’m following this routine each morning and it’s making a huge positive difference to the pain levels I experience!


How tough is motherhood?

So true

Mummy Says...

I’m forced awake before 6am everyday for another round of this thing that is life. I’m always woken by screams after a night of perhaps five broken hours of sleep. I tend to the basic necessities of two small human beings – I feed, wash and clothe them. I express my love for them. Over the next couple of hours, I lift one or both of them continuously, I reason with the larger one using negotiating skills that would make my country proud. I settle disputes, I calm anger, I kiss away pain. I make decisions for them, I make choices about the things that matter most in their lives. At the time that most London office workers sit down at their desks for the day, I drink my second cup of cold but strong coffee. No-one ever says thank you.

This is motherhood. It is not the world’s hardest…

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fatigue (fəˈtiːɡ)

fatigue (fəˈtiːɡ)
1. physical or mental exhaustion due to exertion
2. a tiring activity or effort
3. physiol the temporary inability of an organ or part to respond to a stimulus because of overactivity
4. the progressive cracking of a material subjected to alternating stresses, esp vibrations
5. the temporary inability to respond to a situation or perform a function, because of overexposure or overactivity: compassion fatigue
6. a.  any of the mainly domestic duties performed by military personnel, esp as a punishment
b.  (as modifier): fatigue duties
7. (pl) special clothing worn by military personnel to carry out such duties



Today again I am sitting at my desk feeling totally fatigued. It all seems like such an uphill battle to sort out the situation we are in and plan forward.

I’m so tired of repeating myself. I’m tired of trying to squeeze information out of people that should pass it on as a matter of routine.

How can one improve the flow of information in a business where it has not been appropriately shared in the past? Senior managers love the term top level information and often hold staff meetings where the only real information imparted is the current sales figures and actual difficult resource issues are not really addressed.

I used to love my job.