Meeting Cliches

I cringe when I hear a meeting cliché but even I was impressed at the number of meeting clichés being thrown around at the five and a half hour work shop I attended last week.

Hopefully I’ve remembered at least half of them;

  1. We’re moving to the premier league in terms of service
  2. No more own goals
  3. Blue sky thinking
  4. Out of the box thinking
  5. Joined up thinking
  6. At the end of the day
  7. Going forward
  8. 110%
  9. Giving 100%
  10. Touch base
  11. Let’s take this off line
  12. A plus for all
  13. Raise the bar
  14. Run the numbers
  15. Win-win situation
  16. Game changing
  17. Move the goal post
  18. Shoot ourselves in the foot
  19. No holds barred
  20. Moving goal posts

An exhausting number of times I was forced to grind my teeth.


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