Weird and Wonderful Fish



So this week has been an internet dating eye opener. I have discovered the weird and wonderful fish in the lake………………

Or maybe they have discovered me.

In my inbox was a wonderful lengthy essay from my self-appointed slave.

Oh yes ladies and gentlemen.

My slave

A slave has offered his complete and utter service to my needs. For no sexual exchange nor financial gain he is willing to run all my errands, do any DIY needed on my house, drive me where ever I need to go, fetch my shopping, do the gardening and perform any other services I require.

He promises utter devotion.

I cannot lie

This is sooooooo very tempting!

My house could use a fresh coat of paint and the garden needs pruning. I have a couple of floorboards (all original in my house) that need replacing and lots of wood that needs to be chopped.

Tempting indeed!

Would you?

Now I don’t know what’s in the lake water this week but I also received an email from a lovely confident looking fellow who is looking for someone;

Who insists on ruling her man and making him obey her strictly and be under firm control whenever she decides that is necessary and also he should be happy to serve her no matter what she demands. If you feel naturally confident and dominate then it would be nice to negotiate my surrender

This is a revelation people! I wonder do I look naturally domineering in my profile pictures?

I guess people see what they want to see.

This is the beauty of internet dating.  Its much easier to put in writing, to a person that you may never need meet, your fantasies and needs.

You can be up front from the very beginning.


I'd love to hear your thoughts on this......please leave a few lines..

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