Screw Your Unsolicited Advice

Today I went for my day three of week seven C25K101.

It was good.

I ran my 3 x12 minute runs completely. Mentally I’m there. I didn’t struggle with wanting to be there. I relaxed into the run and just ran.

My knee protested some so now I’m sitting with my leg up and an ice pack. It’s necessary to rest for the next few days.

After running I went up to the women’s changing room to do my stretches. I was joined by a friendly lady and our conversation went something like this;

Ms Sweaty; Hi what have you been doing at the gym?

Me; I just ran about 4k on the treadmill as I’m following the C25K programme.

Ms Sweaty; Oh that’s great; how long have you been doing that?

Me; I’ve been running for about 7 weeks

Ms Sweaty; Have you lost much weight?

Me; Not really about 10lb

Ms Sweaty; Oh you can’t be eating right; you must be overeating, reduce what you eat and your weight will go down. I used to be 16 stone so I know. Just eat less. You’ll get there eventually but you’ve got to stop overeating.

Me; I’m not here to lose weight. I’m here to get fit and because I like running

Ms Sweaty: Well I need to lose my belly (she’s a size 10? Quite small and has a flat belly as far as I can see)

Me; Well I like my buttage and curves. I guess not everyone likes themselves aye?

What I wanted to say was ‘fuck you biatch! How dare you!

But my mamma didn’t raise me that way.


3 thoughts on “Screw Your Unsolicited Advice

    1. Minty Post author

      To further add to her absolute rudeness, she informed me that she was a hairdresser and could sort out my hair for a mere £50!

      Thanks for sopping by to comment.


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