Week 7 Day 1 Repeat C25K

I’m a runner.

I can say that now.

I can say it because this last week of not running has been revealing. I’ve missed it. I’ve been irritable. I’ve wanted to run through the injury. I’ve even parted from a great guy! (Doh!)

I am a runner.

After my hiatus I stepped back onto the treadmill today to face the hardest of challenge of the whole eight week programme. (That’s what Tod Lang said into my ear)

The week went like this;

5 minutes brisk walk

12 minute run

3 minute brisk walk

12 minute run

3 minute run

12 minute run

5 minute brisk walk

This morning I tweeted this little morsel;

Time to get up and go for that run. Clears the mind and helps process the issues and reduces the buttage. Win-win.

I got up and was in the gym and on the treadmill by 08.10.

The first run was flawless. My breathing was great and I ran with a good steady pace and looking ahead.

I spent the first three minutes wondering how much steaks cost in Aldi (I can see the store form my treadmill). The rest of the run I made a mental list of people who might be up for doing the Tough Mudder next year as a team.

The second run was also a good one.  But I started to struggle when my thoughts changed. First five minutes I was pissed off by the guy to my left who stopped cycling on his stationary bike and just stared at my ass for the longest time. I think he forgot where he was. So rude!

Then my thoughts turned to MrJ, after a few minutes on him I realised I had started to run up on my toes. I shook it out but he kept creeping back. I had to watch my feet for a few minutes to find my rhythm and balance. In terms of stamina I was okay I was just mentally unfocused and this was messing with my form. So much for the clearing the mind part.

The final run was fine for the first 8 minutes after which I had to push myself through. MrJ disappeared from the forefront and I was all about getting through the last four minutes which seemed to go on for ever!

I had to yell at two minutes ‘2 left!’ just to remind myself that I was almost there.

All that really matters is that I made it! I ran a total of 36 minutes today which is pretty unbelievable!

I’m a mere 3 runs away for my first 30 minute run. This fact would have scared me two weeks ago but I’m looking forward to it. I just want to run for 30 minutes every other day forever!


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