Go Go Gadget Time (Week 4.2 Day 2)

Garmin Forerunner

Garmin Forerunner

My company gives you a £150 one4all voucher each time you get to six months without having taken a sick day. On February 28th I will have made it through another six months.

Whoop Whoop! I’ll be getting a voucher.

I know what I want but I need some help for other runners.

Its gadget time!

I want to get a heart rate monitor, activity tracker type watch thingy.

Now the questions are….

  • URS?

Good question; what is my User Requirement Specification? Well I want a watch that measures heart rate, fat burning zone, calories, distance, speed, activity level. Ideally I would like it if it linked up to My Fitness Pal. I don’t care what colour it is or whether is feminine or masculine.

  • GPS or no GPS?

Do I really need GPS? I’m a fledging runner and at present I only run indoors. But that will change as I increase in stamina and speed. I definitely will make good use of the outdoors during summer. I will be in Poland, Nigeria, the Midlands and possible a quick trip to turkey/Greece type vacation. I would like to run in all these places. Would GPS be useful?

  • Brand

So far it seems most people are using either a Polar or a Garmin. I was looking at the Polar FT7 but of course that isn’t GPS. Has anyone had experience of either or better still both?

I like the FT7 very much.

  • Heart rate chest strap thingy?

Is that really useful? If I have a strap will I use it?

Polar FT7

Polar FT7

Last night I ran my Week 4.2 Day 2 and it went very well. I’m going to go for the 8 minute run on Friday morning.

This will be a major achievement for me.

I know I can do it though!


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