Okay I confess. I’m a bit of a coward.

You see I write this blog under a pseudonym. I want to write about my life, experiences and thoughts but I don’t really want everyone to know that I’m me.

This is a bit stupid because a lot of my friends know I’m the author.

Frighteningly I gave the details of my blog to the Tinder guy last night. (He needs a moniker here, let’s call him MrJ). Now is that over sharing?

Can it be over sharing when my posts are available for anyone to read, anywhere, anytime?

I read through a lot of what I’ve written in the past and admit a lot can be taken out of context. We write suitable to what emotional state or experience we are having at the time and the interpretation of that depends on the reader.

How would I feel if I were MrJ, finding out all sorts of history, good and bad, in one fell swoop about a person I’m interested in? Would that be off putting?

I would be somewhat disappointed if MrJ cooled as a result but on the other hand I’m not about to stop writing. So it may be the sooner the introduction to my ramblings the better.

Life is a game of chance isn’t it? I’d rather just be who I am than pretend to be something else, to keep secrets or provide half-truths.

Let me introduce myself…………..

Hi, my name is Sarah.

And I’m a good person.


I'd love to hear your thoughts on this......please leave a few lines..

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