Week 5 C25K Was Week 4:2



So I chickened out of the week five programme and downloaded the C25K101 week 4:2 podcast before heading out to the gym last night.

I just thought that I was not ready for a full 8 minutes run and so opted for the bridge week of 6 minute runs instead.

I smashed them!

3 sets of 6 minute runs with 2 minute brisk walks for cool down in-between.

I actually enjoyed them.

I was not at all put off by the lanky guy running like an antelope being pursued by a pride of lions on the Serengeti for 50 whole freaking minutes on the treadmill next to me!

Oh no! I smashed it!

I’m getting better at this running lark.

Today I rest. Tomorrow I run.

I’m almost ready for the 8 minutes.


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