C25K Week 4 Day 3


On Thursday I went for a deep tissue and body realignment session. He examined my posture and noted that my right hip is higher than my left and my right shoulder is higher. I would have to consciously think about my posture and examine the way I sit at my desk.

I had a massage and in parts it was painful over sore muscle. I result I couldn’t run on Friday. My body was sore and bruised in places and I’m not sure if it really did me any good.

So Friday I rested.

I got to the gym after dropping Inny off at her theatre group this morning and jumped onto the treadmill. I ran the first and second four minutes without any issues but on the third set my knee twinged.

I completed the remaining sets but my right knee is sore for it this afternoon.

I’m a little nervous so I will have a rest day tomorrow as I don’t want to cause any injuries


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