Week 4 Day 2

Today I ran the treadmill thinking of the course I took earlier today about sterile liquids (riveting stuff).

During the course the lecturer told us that sweat doesn’t actually smell. The sweaty smell is the bacteria on then skin relishing the yummy moistness and getting down to multiplying. Bacteria divides from 1 to 1000’s in a matter of minutes.

Well about 15 minutes in to my run there must have been a party going on in my skin. I was whiffy!

I’m getting to love the sweat!

It tells me I’m working hard. That I’m going for it. I’m putting maximum effort in.

So despite feeling as bloated as if I’d eaten a loaf a bread, a horrid back ache and general grumpiness, thanks to my period, I made it to the gym.

I really turned up thinking that i’d just do the best I could and it’s understandable if I didn’t manage to finish the five sets.

Somehow (& I’m not sure how!) I just kept running.

Then it was over! I’d made it!


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