Week 3 Day 3


This morning I went to Runners Need.

The young sales assistant came across as a bit bored but quite helpful. He suggested I get on the treadmill so that he could examine my gait.

It transpires that I over pronate on my left foot noticeably and just slightly on my right.

I tried on a couple of running shoes and really got on well with the Asics GT 1000. I tried them out on the treadmill and they made an immediate difference, it seemed a more comfortable run.

Unfortunately the cheapest pair were £99! As much as I know I should get new shoes to avoid injury I not going to spend a hundred pounds. I had budgeted £70 and I wasn’t going to go above that.

The sales assistant suggested that I check online as I could probably get last seasons GT 1000 much cheaper.

I left the shop and headed over to the gym.

I ran the 5 x 5 3 minute runs without any difficulties.

I’m so pleased! I will run it one more time before moving on to week 4.

When I got home I went straight onto the Runners Need website and found a pair of GT 1000 for £62! I double checked on the Asics website to see if there was anything else but did not find a better deal.

So now I get to go pick up my new supported trainers for a store local to my office!

I never thought I would ever be excited about running shoes!

Life is full of surprises.

Now off for a swim with Inny.


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