Week 2 C25K Completed


I really like being at the gym in the morning. Before all the muscled swaggers and the peahens are out of bed.

Early birds are focused, on a mission.

In, sweat, out.

On Saturday I was there by 9am and got straight onto the treadmill. The last run was a bit of a challenge but completed without skimping.

That’s it!

Saturday 1st February 2014 = Week 2 finished!

The idea of a 3 minute run is a little terrifying if I’m honest!

But at the same time the fact that I’m contemplating how to complete 5 x 3 minutes runs is simply awesome. Let’s not forget that less than three weeks ago I couldn’t run for 20 seconds to catch the bus!

It feels like a big accomplishment just getting to this point!

Since my kid goes to booster mathematics classes on Saturday mornings I’m claiming them for myself. Saturday mornings will be my most enjoyable gym sessions. Early, focused and a great way to start the day. No waiting for machines or space, no one walking around checking themselves and others out in the mirror, no induction groups hovering over you as the staff member explains the intricacies of the machine next to you.

Best of all; when I leave there I still have a whole day stretched out in front of me waiting to be enjoyed.

This week I will visit Runners Needs for the first time. I’m intimidated at the thought of going in there and asking for gait assessment. I’m not a small woman and quite often get ignored in sporting shops. The general assumption amongst the staff seems to be large people don’t work out and require no service.

I encountered vast amounts of sporty-prejudice-body- fascist-type stuff when I went to buy my bike. Wandering around bike shops trying to decide what was right for my daily compute without a single member of staff offering to help in at least 6 independent shops across London. I went to the independent shops because I try to support local businesses. Eventually, in the Spitalfields Evans, I found the bike I was looking for and that shop got my sale; with very little effort on the part of their staff.

Runners Need was recommended by a number of work colleagues, two of who started running via the C25K programme and both have completed marathons; so I’m hoping this will not be the case. I could do with some really good and unbiased guidance on the correct pair of running shoes as I know these Nike free things I’m wearing are not really up to scratch.

I’ll let you know how I get on.


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