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Nasty Guy

Today I had an awful experience on the way home.

A guy sat beside me and asked if the book I was reading was good. I replied that it was. He made some complimentary noises about my green eyes and uttered the usual ‘are those contacts’ question.

He then asked for my number.

I politely said that I couldn’t give him that.

Why are you married?

When I replied no he became somewhat aggressive.

So I got up to move seats.

This, apparently, was akin to slapping him upside the head.

The arsehole flipped his lid.

Called me a stuck up bitch and accused me of thinking too highly of myself.

Fortunately for me a well muscled guy, who is often on the same bus, stepped into the fray and fronted up to the idiot as he was about (it seems) to push me.

Muscled guy despatched the guy and politely walked me to the top of my street.

After the extremely focused day at work and the confrontation on the way home my mental state is frayed. I just could not face my C25K run tonight. I’m quite gutted about that and feel like I’ve let myself down a bit.

When I got in I spent five minutes with little big brother MrR and Inny then went up to my room and lay on my bed until dinner was ready. I couldn’t even relay the incident to MrR as he would have been enraged.

I’m so exhausted and in need of a big hug.



So right now I’m feeling pre-first date nerves. I am finally going on a date with someone I met on the internet.

Enter stage left……. MrJ

I can stand a give a lecture to a hundred people so why am I feeling this bout of nerves.

Rejection. The possibility of.

I guess when it comes down to it we don’t want to feel rejection.

I’m fortunate. My nerves are ebbing and flowing like a wave.

I buffer between nerves and my usual realist self.

I have nothing to lose if there is no connection.

Possibly something to gain if there is one.

At the very least; I’ll have a drink in pleasant company and a bit of banter.

Maybe make a new friend.

Go Go Gadget Time (Week 4.2 Day 2)

Garmin Forerunner

Garmin Forerunner

My company gives you a £150 one4all voucher each time you get to six months without having taken a sick day. On February 28th I will have made it through another six months.

Whoop Whoop! I’ll be getting a voucher.

I know what I want but I need some help for other runners.

Its gadget time!

I want to get a heart rate monitor, activity tracker type watch thingy.

Now the questions are….

  • URS?

Good question; what is my User Requirement Specification? Well I want a watch that measures heart rate, fat burning zone, calories, distance, speed, activity level. Ideally I would like it if it linked up to My Fitness Pal. I don’t care what colour it is or whether is feminine or masculine.

  • GPS or no GPS?

Do I really need GPS? I’m a fledging runner and at present I only run indoors. But that will change as I increase in stamina and speed. I definitely will make good use of the outdoors during summer. I will be in Poland, Nigeria, the Midlands and possible a quick trip to turkey/Greece type vacation. I would like to run in all these places. Would GPS be useful?

  • Brand

So far it seems most people are using either a Polar or a Garmin. I was looking at the Polar FT7 but of course that isn’t GPS. Has anyone had experience of either or better still both?

I like the FT7 very much.

  • Heart rate chest strap thingy?

Is that really useful? If I have a strap will I use it?

Polar FT7

Polar FT7

Last night I ran my Week 4.2 Day 2 and it went very well. I’m going to go for the 8 minute run on Friday morning.

This will be a major achievement for me.

I know I can do it though!


Okay I confess. I’m a bit of a coward.

You see I write this blog under a pseudonym. I want to write about my life, experiences and thoughts but I don’t really want everyone to know that I’m me.

This is a bit stupid because a lot of my friends know I’m the author.

Frighteningly I gave the details of my blog to the Tinder guy last night. (He needs a moniker here, let’s call him MrJ). Now is that over sharing?

Can it be over sharing when my posts are available for anyone to read, anywhere, anytime?

I read through a lot of what I’ve written in the past and admit a lot can be taken out of context. We write suitable to what emotional state or experience we are having at the time and the interpretation of that depends on the reader.

How would I feel if I were MrJ, finding out all sorts of history, good and bad, in one fell swoop about a person I’m interested in? Would that be off putting?

I would be somewhat disappointed if MrJ cooled as a result but on the other hand I’m not about to stop writing. So it may be the sooner the introduction to my ramblings the better.

Life is a game of chance isn’t it? I’d rather just be who I am than pretend to be something else, to keep secrets or provide half-truths.

Let me introduce myself…………..

Hi, my name is Sarah.

And I’m a good person.