To Coventry

Today is a somewhat uncomfortable day at work. Women are offended and some are upset. I’d even go as far as to say that one woman was, for a short time, extremely distressed.

You see there has been some nasty gossiping (possibly some stupid slut-shaming) going on against one woman in particular. Let’s Call her Miss A.

The lady in question is a young and vivacious. She is generally jolly and refers to everyone a ‘my love’ or ‘darlin’ etc. Partial to an extremely short skirt and seemingly flirtatious. She is often found in the company of the men, making trips to the logistics team to hangout, helping out the cute guy in the other department, to the detriment of her actual work related performance.

I think this was the initial gripe that the factory ladies had when she started a year ago as it seemed that she was never on the factory floor mucking in with the rest of them. From a management point of view she is indeed one of the less productive, often not where she’s supposed to be and high sick rate employees that we have.

But this has developed into some kind of team loathing and unfortunately the young Miss A overheard some female colleagues engaging in unkind and ungracious gossiping about herself down near the changing lockers.

I admit that I was once quite shocked upon hearing her say to a group of external  male engineers with whom she had been sitting for an extended tea break ‘people will think I’m a slut sitting with you lovely guys’ followed by a giggle. 15 minutes later she was still there sitting round the table while they tried to get on with paperwork to complete the job.

Never the less, the horrid comments and behind the back whispers are childish, unkind and unfair.

I’m guessing Miss A further inflamed the situation last night by putting this beauty of a Facebook status up for 60% of the ladies at work to chew on overnight;

You know there’s something wrong with the world when your 2 year old has better manners than some of the ‘women’ you work with!

Which was followed up with a set of responses that further exasperated the situation;

Friend a; Probably more manners than most of the world

Miss A; that’s the problem sweetheart, people demand you give them respect yet refuse to give it to you, they think they deserve it yet do nothing to earn it, they judge in one look and think they are everything, they talk behind your back, we should work together, we see each other more than our own families, it’s a shame, they are qualities I despise in a person, the complete opposite to what I believe and how I raise my children. Oh well 🙂

Friend A; yeah I know, world is becoming a darker place but thankfully we’re old school when it comes to manners and that so there’s still hope 🙂 just a shame a lot of people are parasites cos that’s one way of describing them, taking everything from you and giving nothing back.

So this morning the mood was thick with anger when the ladies arrived having read her status. A status update that tars at least 30 women with the same brush. It appears that her team mates have sent her to Coventry.

It saddens me that no one in her team pulled her to one side early on and gave her a heads up about the general feelings relating to her work performance and lack of focus.

Equally, I find it childish that she is being ostracized and the playground bullying tactics are horrible but i’m equally surprised that she would attack her colleagues over social networking.

Why is it that it often seems like women are women’s worst enemies?

I ask because it appears that none of the guys in their team seem the slightest bit bothered by any of this.

The whole thing sucks.


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