The Gift

MrP asked me ‘what is it women like about receiving jewellery?’

‘Why is it important?

I said ‘most women see it as a reflection of how a man perceives them, delicate or sturdy, bright or dark, fun or serious, rough or sensuous.

It represents how much you understand about them and how much you’ve listened.

It’s the romance of the thought of a man leaning over the counter with his love in mind trying to select something just right for her.

It’s the effort. It’s the thought.

And worn next to the skin it’s an intimacy’’

I told him of a long term boyfriend who once bought me a pair of gold chunky earrings. No doubt many a woman would think them beautiful but my heart just sank. I realised that after two years together he did not know me.

20 years later, though they still sit in my jewellery box, I have never worn them.

I have never worn gold. Always only ever silver or platinum.

Never ever gold.

Mr Gold proposed to me. I declined, thrice.

Before MrP left that day he said ‘remember me’ and handed me a beautiful box with this delicate bracelet inside;





What does this gift say about him?

What does it say about me?


©Mints and Wisdom Dec 2013


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