Half Your Heart

Long to meet again
Though the days have sped past
Hours, days to months and years
Softly, the yearning pain
Ebbed to a slow ache
That nestled as a glowing ember
Deep inside
At the back of all laughter
The memory of her chuckle
The light of her smile missing
From each of your moments

Movement through days with purpose
Keep the plans growing
Loving those of your bone and blood
Those you once promised you would
While she is the fire in your side
Half your hopes, your dreams,
All of your desire
Flesh touched with the tip of tongue
Conversations deep and long
The singing girl
Your flame and fire

Chance to hold her once again
Now parted, seems so far away
Oh; that she would look into another’s eyes
And smile that secret smile
Crush your fragile peace of mind
To a grit of bitter loss
But yet she should not be alone
You wish her joy, warmth, a home

But in the quiet of the dark
You travel across oceans
Dream of embraces past
Of twenty years of missed chances
You think but do not say
The words once uttered
That should make her stay
You want to release
But cleave and cannot let go
She is so far from you

But sadly you know

She is half your heart

And half your home

©Mints and Wisdom Dec 2013


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