Social Butterfly








Gripped by day-to-day insanities
You play out life like some long forgotten Greek tragedy
Diving into social calamities
As you feel your brown satin eyes betray you
You tie yourself up with those gigantic insignificant battles
That are waged every day
Of normalcy, lust and greed
In the crevice between heart and mind

Dead centre of the sidewalk so everyone sees you
Draped in the cool stuff
Sniffing the cool snuff
Chilling at places that fulfil you
For the moment, when they see you
And as you step back through your door
Anti-climax consumes you
Rolls you, chews you

Blindly frantically
Peeling layers like an onion off you
Looking for the comfort core
That is self-acceptance
That is coping and herstory
That is dealing with conflict
That is hope for tomorrow

And if you looked in the mirror
You’d sell yourself short

And at night you sleep in oceans of distress
Dreaming of what should be
Reaching out to the body across the mattress
Transferring all of the self, love, the needs
Throwing in identity
Hoping for the ability to give
What you can’t give yourself

And if you look in the mirror
Look in the mirror
Look in the mirror
And see yourself

Knowingly you allow yourself to abuse you
Destroy the goodness that surrounds
All gifts of love rejected
Old dodgy defences resurrected
Pushing away anything, anyone
Reflective of the beauty in you
You wonder about the hole
That lets the wind whistled past bone
A cavern in emotion
That was once a sense of deserving
Positivity, value, trust

In a moment of madness
You like to stroke yourself and call it vanity
But no one loves you like you should
And how you deny yourself

And when you look into the mirror
It’s a moment too soon
You sell yourself short

Take a breath emerge
Come forth into the beauty


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