How to help your friend get over his ex, c1350

Excellent! I have some one in mind …. though he my indeed be a devil incarnate

The History of Love

193-0082155 Until death, plate 55 of 'Los caprichos', 1799 (etching)

“The 14th century is not ‘Georgian’, you raving lunatic!” I hear you cry. Quite right too. But this medieval suggestion for curing lovesickness is too brilliant not to share. And, in any case, who’s to say some desperate soul didn’t give it a shot a few centuries later (she asked, busily clutching at straws)?

So, your friend has been unceremoniously dumped, or has ill-advisedly fallen in love with someone he shouldn’t have. How do you cure him of those gloomy meditations, those languishing sighs? Look no further:

“… let an unsightly hag be sent into his presence, of evil appearance and with wretched garments, and put a cloth on which is blood between her knees and let her say these words to the man of love: ‘That is a bad love-lady you have, for she is bibulous, stinking, and she has epilepsy, & pisses the bed, and her skin is foul…

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