lies, liars & the dirty lies they tell

I,too eat fairly well, cycle a lot, and still my curves are big! Will reblog because I so relate!

the lay of the land

This story is by a doctor who regrets having mistreated a patient because of a preconceived notion about fat people. Ignoring the claims of fat people as lies or distortions is common and certainly the usual response to any claim by a fat person that they eat a fairly normal amount of food. Why don’t they list lying and prevarication as symptoms of obesity? If every fat person is a liar, shouldn’t that be considered part of the condition? I’ve gained weight, so I must have also lost my ability to discern the truth and for that matter to judge things as they are. Fat people have no idea how many calories they actually consume (because all those Weight Watcher classes and calorie counting diets didn’t provide adequate understanding) and they can’t tell the difference between 3 cookies and the pack! Maybe it’s a vision thing? This is apparently…

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