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Where are the fish?


I stood in the kitchen at work one morning with a tall red-head who divorced her husband, lost three stone and bagged herself a new man.

She was telling me of ‘the conversation.’

Yes; ‘the conversation’ reared its ugly head whilst sipping cocktails in a bar on the beach in the Med.

The ‘where is this relationship heading’ conversation.

Oddly enough he raised the topic, saying perhaps they should move in together. She slowed him down with I’m alright jack kind of attitude. ‘After all’ she said ‘if it ain’t broke…..’

She has financial independence, her own place and a man she can send home. No put the toilet seat down type irritations nor squabbling over the duet. Heaven is it not?

Is it always the case that two people are never truly on the same page when it comes to what they want out of a relationship? Is there always one person less satisfied with things than the other depending on the stage of the relationship?

I’ve lived on my ‘own’ i.e. without a partner since 2005. 8 years now and I think I can safely say I like being the boss of everything in my domain (evil laugh!).

I like having the king sized bed all to myself and don’t miss doing another adults washing. I don’t mind doing all the house work; there’s no one to resent for not helping out.

I make all the decisions and my word is final.

I wonder if in the future I meet someone and we end up having the ‘conversation’ how I would react; my problem being that I’m a romantic.

Oh yes I want to be swept off my feet and fall madly in love but that doesn’t sit well with the every day reality of getting things done.

For starters; where exactly does a single parent who works 8 hours a day, travels for a further 2 hours a day with a kid who’s in bed by 7.30pm actually find love? (or even lust!)

How many dates can I miss because the baby-sitter pulled out before a guy lost interest?

Where do I find the energy to be all smiley-smiley when I really want to just drop from exhaustion some days?

Thoughts of Nut aside I took a look at the dating site profiles that I set up 3 years ago. That’s right; I set up profiles on okcupid, and plenty of fish over three years ago and so far the only person I have had a conversation with was Nut! He came across my profile and sent me a message!

Apparently we’re a 77% match!

I’ve been sent a few messages over the years but haven’t responded so this week I decided to put some effort into it. I so far have three girlfriends who are in long term relationships that came about via dating sites, one who enjoys lots of sexual partners and one who married her hook up.

So I’ve updated my profile with some cute selfies and checked though my description and essays.

Well the first message this morning was from a secret cross dresser who’s photos were from the neck down and his chat up line was …” I’m not gay and would like to f*#k you” Enticing

Lets see what else comes up in the near future.

I’ll keep you posted.


what Miley taught me about parenting

Another good perspective on mileygate!

lindsay leigh bentley

I didn’t watch the VMA’s last night, but one glance at Facebook this morning told me that Miley did something.  I was curious, so I looked it up.  I watched about 10 seconds of her performance before becoming overwhelmed with sadness and turned it off.


I have a daughter.

It’s a theme that repeats itself over and over in the world of celebrity: young kid gets famous, young kid makes claims for purity and “being a great role model”, young kid gets super famous and implodes right around age 19.

Remember when Jessica was a virgin bride?  When Britney was saving herself for marriage? When Bieber was singing hymns?  When Lindsay was in Parent Trap?

What happens to these children during their teen years that none of them can seem to escape…?

Neither my husband nor I are famous, but spending enough time in the music industry, we have seen…

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