I feel the pull and push
Of the words
Of the want
The silence heavy
Worn like a cloak in the sun
The anguish of hesitation
Like a loaded gun
Gripped by the hand of the frightened

I sniff the future
Stop the urge to run on
Past the object of affection
Past the potential for contentment
Round the passion
Over the lusting
To the front room of familiar and uncomplicated

I sway in the push and the pull
Like a tide of hope
Ebbing, flowing
Head and heart exploding
And I sniff
And I sniff
And I sniff our future
I breathe it
Rake it into my lungs
Brazen in hope
I. Am. Reaching. Out.
Stretching for you
Past obstacles
It’s a small window
But a small moment
In the whole of a hearts time
Catch me
Catch me
Before I flee


7 thoughts on “CATCH

    1. Minty Post author

      Thank you Katya.
      It’s not there yet…..
      It’s before love, it’s unrequited hope and longing
      It could be lost if he does not seize the moment.
      But he may not see what I see, potential
      He may see it somewhere else
      Then again I might not wait long enough for him to catch up.


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