You hate me. Okay we get that. You’ve abused me on social network.

Let’s get over that.

I understand. I think.

You live an insecure life with an unpredictable man. He ‘hates’ me and so its siding with him to hate me too is the safest option. It’s not possible for you to be the voice of reason.

You only know the lies you have been told after all why would he risk bringing one abused partner in front of another so that the truth can be known?

There’s a blog called ‘dating a sociopath’,’, with several great pieces two of which are ’Top 18 signs you’ve been dating a sociopath’ and ‘The Dripping Tap of Emotional Abuse of a Sociopath’ which I hope you take time to read.

Listed on these are the characteristics of a sociopath; I certainly recognized at least 10 of these characteristics in our mutual sociopath. The top five of those he displays are;

Will always blame someone else – lack of remorse, guilt or shame

Despite the horrible abuse he has put me through he blames me for everything.

Is very dramatic

His absolute crazed rages speak for themselves

Lack of life plan and long term goals

He can’t hold a job. He can’t commit to something two months away

Socially isolates you

You’ve been kept apart from other people in his life for so long because this is the way an abuser isolates his prey. This is how you are isolated so that you only know what he tells you. This is how you are controlled.

Huge ego

He’s unemployed and mightily pissed off at how his life has turned out. His criminal record is a gruesome works in progress.

He’s cheated and lied to you. He doesn’t actually see his daughter regularly and doesn’t to stay over at his mums to look after her.

You walk on egg shells.

Do you know that when he first told me of you I suggested we meet and make acquaintance for the sake of the child?

You were invited to meet up.

Do you know that when you break up he makes a point of letting me know? Or that I give him a reference for every job he’s had.

I want to take this opportunity to let you know a few things. I know what you’re going through. You are not alone.

I don’t hate you. You were once welcomed in my home and I spoke up for you with his mother and continue to do so. None of his behavior is your fault. He chooses how to behave.

I hope you don’t suffer at the hands of this man who is violent to many.

I hope you are okay.

But most of all I hope that your son has not taken instruction on how to be a man or how to treat women from this violent, aggressive and abusive man.


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