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My heart flies in simple things
Hushed song, pleasant dream
Willow weeping by my childhood river
The friends in laughter
Snowball fights and my baby’s shivers
Eating ground rice together
Daughter weeping a donkey’s plight
Moments which enrich my life


Doctor Who: My Top 12 Picks for the 12th Doctor

Great list!

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Matt-Smith-as-DoctorI know, I know, these lists are everywhere. But before it’s too late, I’m jumping in the deep end with everybody else speculating on who will be the next Doctor in Doctor Who. Matt Smith will leave his role as the 11th incarnation in this year’s Christmas special. It should be sad news to me, considering the 11th Doctor was my first and remains my favorite… but I’m actually excited for a change. I’ll miss Matt Smith’s sense of humor, clumsiness, and those ridiculously intense speeches, but his performance will always be there, suspended in time to relive whenever I watch my favorite episodes again.

Even before the announcement was made about Smith leaving Doctor Who, I was hoping for a change of pace. For me, the 11th Doctor will always be attached to the Ponds; I’m just not getting the same chemistry between the Doctor and his new…

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Finding and using images online – legally.

Very Importanat Information on using images.

If you’re writing your own blog or trying to spice-up your social media stream, you’ve probably done several Google image searches already.  A question that we are frequently asked is ‘Am I allowed to use an image that I find online?”.

Unfortunately, the answer isn’t always too straightforward, but we found this great article on PR Daily, by Malhar Barai,that deals with some of the simple essentials!

Finding and using images online
The Web is a trove of terrific images, but not all of them are free. The challenge lies in finding the right images at the right price; generally they are classified as premium, “freemium,” or free images.

Before we dig into the best resources for free images, here are the classifications you should know about from Google:

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