There are moments
When you envelope me in smiles
The smell of soft brown leather
Of the softness of warm skin

There I falter
Tripping over breeze blocks
Hurriedly rebuilding
Cementing cracks
That allow the seeping trust
Creeping peace to invade the desert

When those moments
Make my heart open in smiles
Light the corners of my eyes
Or release hidden sighs from my lips

Then I push
Running over memories
Harshly defending
Create reasoning
That allow utter disbelief
And absolute self-protection

After the moments
Sitting in the quiet alone
Missing the movement of you
Or the sound of your voice

Then I wish
For the sound of returning footsteps
The hand at the small of my back
The nose in the crook of my neck
And your unspoken dreams for us


I'd love to hear your thoughts on this......please leave a few lines..

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