At times I am barren
Whilst the birds in the field of my shadow preen lush plumage
And the harvest of my soul could be bountiful
Were it light enough to start reaping

At times I am voiceless
As a cacophony of beautiful earth voices sing serenely
Different song concurrently
In a moment I haven’t yet steeped into

At times I am visionless
Whilst the wonderment of the planet spreads out of my peripheral
And the sumptuousness of colour could satiate if the sense were looking

The point of no return
Of feeling and knowing is upon me

At times we are all soundless
Whilst the delicacy of music strokes feather like notes around the chest plate
And the ego whispers intimacies from behind the windows of the soul

At times we are hopeless
Whilst dawn always appears bringing a wealth of experiences
And mysteries nourish the spaces in between boredom

At times powerless
Whilst choices are endlessly available and at the hands of the individual
And a moment in a lifetime in the field of shadows maybe changed forever

The point of no return
Is of feeling and knowing
And is upon us


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