Initially two worlds rocked in moments of mediocre happenings
That go on forever
Even though life is ordinary
Showers of electrical surges
That makes them think
‘We should be one’

Boots clash with the synchronicity
Of the humming bird
Hovering by the sweet nectar of sustenance
And blind lust masked as understanding
Ruled by loins of the wanting

Tingles rushed through the airwaves
And the frequency was shivering, slivering
Drowning out the pin pricks of uncertainty
In loud rushes of endorphins

Fevered promises offered up to a forgotten higher power
Fell abound like cigarette butts
Compatibility bandied like some freedom banner
Every spare moment spent together

Can the moments last forever
Will the two worlds make it
To the harmonious epicenter of coupledom
Among the honored ‘lucky ones’
And years down the line still getting high
On the boning flava given up
Panting on the prospect of the pleasure of the touchings
Of familiar fingers

Insidious are the morsels of self-doubt
That begin the subtle corrosion
And conversations skid like brakeless cars
On dark and icy soul chilling nights
As those tiny idiosyncrasies
Prick like thorns inside
And terms of endearments are laid alongside
Opening the airwaves to one up man ship

As swift as dawn calls a new morning
Space becomes to small to breathe in
And the milk is spilt
Intimacies surrender to make way for
The ripping, tearing of breaking hearts
Throwing to the wind what is deemed to be too hard

Tear drops falling like gentle rain
Fill the hallows of the hope that formed
At the acknowledgements of idleness
And the inability to come to compromise
As bitterness rises like a python from a basket
Leaving the rancid taste of failure to be sucked on


2 thoughts on “Surges

  1. apoetic1

    It’s as though you were there with me… Definitely one of my favorites ever read on this site. Few people write like I feel, nearly word for word. You’ve got a new follower! 🙂

    1. Minty Post author

      Thank you so much for stopping by with such lovely words.
      My blog is still in its very early stages and I’m not sure where it’s going.
      I’ll definitely be checking in on your writings.


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