Observation of Blue

Notice it was……………….
Spreading out above, abound, beyond me
Like a cloak wrapping each and every vain
A veil before my perception
An accusation in the sound of my name
Every single word betraying
A lack of love, of inner might
A desperate need to be shadow
Out of sound, out of sight
Merging with the grey of unforgiving
Non-comprehension, unknown intention
Oh shit, whispering, life just stop
Just got to jump off


Realized it was…………………….
No solution blending in with the décor
Or the pretense of not feeling anything anymore
Just snapping back, rebounding, emotional elastic banding
Apathetically laughing and smiling, intentionally not crying
Masking moments with indignant anger
In the hope of hiding the crisis of the self

Understood it was………………
A matter of being as strong as am weak
As persistent in growth as is the need to breathe
Acknowledging the right to meet needs
Fulfill, act, grab with both hands, sanity, joy
Enhance this lowly blue version of me
Shine, glow, grow


3 thoughts on “Observation of Blue

    1. Minty Post author

      It is indeed. It took me years to regain my strength taken. Never will I let it be taken from me again


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