The Alley Cat.

I sat looking out watching the world go past
Till you went past and the world shrunk
I edged to the door way to watch it recede into the alleyway
From then I waited for you to come back aghast
That a twinkle had made me punch drunk

I remember I smelt trouble when you’d go past
So I stayed at the counter and drank in
The shape and flow as you scooted through traffic
From then I decided to look but not give
Your kind of love is like a scalding bath

Standing at the crossing in the pouring rain
Looking at my toes and then there were yours
You said ‘dressed for the weather too then’
And we laughed, reached out and touched each other
And I loved a hurricane, a whirlwind, a losing game

So we spent a little time playing and laughing
And you impressed me with your cooking
I peeked inside the shell of trouble; saw the brightness
Realised all the amazing things your daemons covered
I mourned you for a moment then moved far away

When I see you, touch and kiss you now
All the moments past are clear and too the warning bells
Though I would stroke your skin, smell you, bite you
Still the man half baked, undone; still running, run, run
But I hear you; hold you for a second then move on


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